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Glenmore Alterations is a premier full-service alteration and tailoring company, offering the highest quality alterations coupled with first-rate customer service. We take great pride in the fact that we focus exclusively on altering existing garments. Tailoring is our sole business and our unyielding passion. We are committed to tailoring your garments so they fit perfectly based on your specifications and preferences.

Our Services

Women's Custom Tailoring Services

Tailoring can break or make a garment. Regardless of your size or body type, our tailors are able to carry out proper alterations that can get mediocre unfitting items into clothes that will not only flatter your shape but boost your self-confidence as well.

We specialize in the custom alteration of Dresses and Skirts, Graduation Gowns, or even Casual Wear items. The professionals who work with us guarantee accurately-done work to achieve flawless results in all services.

Bridal Alterations and Tailoring Services

Your wedding represents one of the most memorable and monumental experiences in your lifetime, and your bridal dress will be one of the cornerstones of your special experience. Depend on us to make your wedding dress fit perfectly. The tailors and seamstresses at Glenmore Alterations are experienced with tailoring any high-end dresses and wedding gowns.

Some of the common alterations we perform include hemming the bottom, installing bra cups, letting in or out the sides of the gown or dress, resizing the dress, and many other services.

Suits Alterations and Tailoring Services

Our master tailors have 20+ years of deep industry experience working with suits, enabling them to perform the highest quality alterations for both men and women. We have experience successfully altering everything from simple, classic suits to the finest bespoke suits that are hand-made.

Our services include the shortening or tapering of suit jacket’s sleeves or adjustment of the shoulders, hemming or lengthening of suit pants. Our tailors can easily make these changes to achieve a perfect, fitted look that will make your suit look custom made.

Men's Alterations and Tailoring Services

Our master tailors specialize in everything from simple alterations such as: hemming pants, tapering pants, tapering jacket sleeves or tapering shirts; to the most complicated alterations such as: re-cutting jackets and pants, adjusting the shoulders in a jacket, converting pleated pants to flat-front pants.

 Our seamstresses have experience working with all types of fabrics and materials, including leather, wool, fur, denim, cotton, nylon, velvet, linen, and others.

Leather Alterations Services

Do you have a leather jacket that doesn’t fit quite right; or any kind of leather garment that needs repairs or alterations?  We can perform the alterations you need to make your leather garments look and fit great.

Some of the many leather goods we work with include Leather Jackets, Leather Skirts and Pants, Leather Coats, Leather Shirts and Vests, and more.

Seamstress Services

Some of the many tailoring services we can provide include alterations to all types of clothing: Jackets, Jeans, Dresses, Dress Pants, Skirts, Overcoats, Leather and more. Our expert tailors have years of experience hemming Skirts and Pants, Shortening or Lengthening Sleeves, Taking In or Letting Out Wedding Dresses, Repairing or Patching damage and performing numerous other alterations that will create the perfect fitted garment.

Same-Day Alterations available on Request.

And Many More. Just Ask...


You can contact us by calling us to make an appointment. We offer risk-free consultations at our Glenmore Landing tailoring studio.


Please see some of our past works below

Wedding Dress

Perfectly fitted for the perfect wedding day

The wedding dress fitted to the customer to best enhance and attract attention to her figure. The intricate lace and sleeves were preserved and fitted to contour the body.

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